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PULI 2000 - Process controll system

By the development of our equipment our goal was to create - associated with the name of “Pálinka”, that was patented in Europe as a Hungarian product -, for the production of high quality products such a complex controlling and supervising technology, that follows the way of the product from the delivery of the fruit until the consumers. Through that will be provided the possibility of producing distillates out of properly processed and good quality fruit mash, that are rich with aromas, in a totally controlled form. Through that will be met the requirements of the highest quality systems. As we can see the by the name, this is a totally complex system, which contains the controlling and supervising of the technological processes, that are necessary for the distillation of schnapps.


We have constructed the system out of four, from each other independent functioning modules, that are as follows: 


Fruit processing


Controlling of fermentation


Controlling of destillation


     Registration of store stock and revenues  

By the choosing of name we have consciously endeavored to use such a Hungarian expressions, that are typical for the given job, emphasizing by that the national innovation as well. Recognizing the Living being of the processed and applied materials, during our developments we have considered as fundamental the application of such product- and nature-friendly solutions, that provide possibility for a fine, and soft process during the whole technology.

With this in mind we have introduced the slogan of “Product-friendly technologies”, that we continuously apply in our systems.

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